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Arctic Smart Rural Communities Cluster

Rich nature of Lapland offers a great potential for smart resource intensive based business in many levels. The rural area is dominated micro sized companies which often are doing business without sufficient networking with other companies or R&D -organizations. The Arctic Smart Rural Communities Cluster assists these rural companies by matchmaking, consultancy, and business promotion. The following figure illustrates the Cluster and its key partners and interest groups.

The cluster was established in summer 2015. The cluster organisation is in active cooperation and development process yearly with 350 farmers, 100 companies and dozens of fishermen which creates an excellent base for a business-driven cluster. The cluster is now organizing and looking for partners who can directly help companies to create new business and indirectly develop the rural business enviroment.

With cooperation: 

  • ProAgria Lapland - Rural Advisory Services
  • LUKE - Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Regional council of Lapland
  • University of Lapland
  • Lapland University of Applied Sciences
  • Digipolis
  • Rovaniemen Kehitys
  • Geological Survey of Finland


Personal Contact information

Mr. Johannes Vallivaara, Cluster Manager
Arctic Smart Rural Communities
tel. +358 40 684 5741
e-mail: firstname.lastname@proagria.fi

Mr. Keijo Siitonen, Serior Rural Advisor
Bioeconomy, Social Innovations
tel. +358 400 180 257
e-mail: firstname.lastname@proagria.fi

Mr. Pekka Myllylä, Senior Rural Advisor
Bioeconomy, SME companies
tel. +358 400 218 645
e-mail: pekka.myllyla@proagria.fi